Are you being ripped off by free services?

From: Find A Service Ltd
Published: Mon Jan 31 2011

Hundreds of directories are available on the internet today, providing lists and lists of almost anything. As consumers, people expect these services to be free, but are they always aware of the hidden costs of these websites?

A closer look at these free services indicates that while the services are free for the consumer, the people and companies who benefit from being part of the directories bear all the costs.

While these membership-related fees are acceptable, a little investigation into their commission fees could highlight the difference in potential costs for you as a consumer, between the sites. Neil de Villiers explains: "While many directories appear to be free for the consumer, it is the directory members, such as tradesmen and service providers, who need to meet these additional costs. At times when profit margins are being squeezed due to increases in fuel costs, taxes and in many cases, competition, the only logical place available to cover these additional costs would be to add it to their invoices."

While membership fees vary between directories, the real costs are in the form of commission-fees, which are directly related to each job. While some directories are commission-free, such as Find A Service Today, other directories charge as much as 10% in commission fees per job, in addition to their membership fees. It is therefore worth investigating the commission fees charged by each ‘free’ directory before deciding to use them. After all, it could mean savings of up to £100 on a £1000 quote.

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