Benjamin Davies, Solo Exhibition, London

From: The Colomb Art Gallery, London
Published: Mon Jan 18 2010

Born in Shrewsbury in 1985, Davies’ teenage years were busily engaged in music, skateboarding and unconventionally for a teenager: art. His early enthusiasms soon spurred a direction towards drawing and painting and shortly opened his eyes to the Expressionist movement.

Having never had the confidence to go to university and study art, Benjamin is a self-taught artist. His present body of work explores the possibilities of charcoal on paper to capture the feeling of mood and situation. He has been influenced by the artists: Picasso, Dumas, Bacon and notably the New York graffiti artist Basquiat.

Davies approaches the moods and feelings of everyday life by using his fingers as much as, if not more, than by using a brush.
This dexterous method brings out the emotion in his work and allows him to communicate his feelings or thoughts at the time of creation.

Benjamin comments that, "…all pieces begin with detailed research, thought and consideration to how I want the end piece to be. The process starts in pencil and then moves on to a gradual build up of charcoal being added or taken away. This creates an edgy, imperfect feeling with depth and meaning behind each individual piece of work. The use of charcoal is a conscious decision as I like using my fingers to work it into the paper so that the end result has an unpolished and sporadic feeling to it."

This is Benjamin's second solo show in London with his original art work available to view and purchase from 22nd March 2010 for one week with an RSVP Private View 6-9 pm on Monday 22nd at The Colomb Art Gallery, London.

Benjamin's website features an online gallery and works to date. For further information including high resolution images please use the following contact details:

Phone: 07816432376
Gallery: 020 7487 5118

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