Bikesure's tips on cutting the cost of bike insurance

From: Bikesure
Published: Fri Mar 26 2010

Times are tough. Bikers, along with everyone else, are looking for ways they can make savings. And that even includes the essentials, such as insurance. But how can you reduce the cost without reducing the cover?

Bikesure has just released some money-saving tips for lowering motorcycle insurance costs. The company, one of the UK's biggest specialist bike insurance brokers, says that it still finds occasions where bikers are forgetting to tell them about potential money-saving factors that could slash premiums.

Get a qualification.

The biggest saving bikers can make on their insurance is by proving that they have real riding skills and experience, with a qualification such as the Ride Drive scheme. In many cases Bikesure can give an immediate discount of as much as 25%, and for younger bike riders the total saving in the first year alone can often cover the cost of a Ride Drive course.

Not only does a discount continue year after year (provided there's no claim), but it can also be applied to the biker's car insurance.

Join an owners club.

Join a club and this could provide an immediate saving. For example, Bikesure gives up to 15% discount to bikers who are current members of a recognised motorcycle or riders club.

And the discount doesn't stop at bikes. Club members can get further discounts on other insurance, such as car, motorhome or home insurance.

Going far?

Bikers can get another immediate discount with a Limited Mileage policy, and the lower the mileage, the bigger the savings. However, keep a watch on the milometer - the broker needs to know if the bike is likely to exceed the agreed mileage limit.

Multi bike?

Bikers with two or more bikes can often get a further discount by insuring both or all under a multi-bike policy.

Extra savings.

Meanwhile there are a variety of bonus options that can come free. For example, Bikesure offers legal cover at no extra cost, and can often cover European touring jaunts at no extra cost as well - sometimes for as much as 90 days at a time.

Another way of reducing overall costs is to add breakdown insurance to the policy, instead of joining one of the big national breakdown organisations. For instance, Bikesure’s breakdown cover, which includes homestart and roadside assistance, is only £49 for one bike and £10 per additional bike on a multi-bike policy.

Bikesure has a huge range of specialist policies for the motorcycle enthusiast, including cheap bike insurance schemes for performance and custom bikes, scooters, trikes, quads and bug riders. For details freephone the Bikesure quote line on 0800 089 2000 or email the company at For more information visit

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