Blue Tree Warns That Summer Activities Can Lead to Pain and Injuries

The chiropractors at Blue Tree Clinics in Dubai warns patients that summer stress leads to pain, strain and sports injuries.

[UKPRwire, Thu May 07 2015] As the 2015 Summer season is about to kick off, people are leaving behind the cold weather to enjoy the holidays, having fun, lazing around and frolicking in the sun. Many parents, children, families, couples and individuals spend a great deal of their summer outdoors with many fast moving and enjoyable activities. The chiropractor in Dubai is informing individuals to be careful about engaging in strenuous summer activities, which can lead to injuries, pains, strains, pulls, and many more.

The team of Chiropractors at the Blue Tree Clinics is advising individuals to be careful and take precautionary measures when engaging in activities such as hiking, playing sports or doing home improvements. The team is encouraging individuals to go out and enjoy their favorite outdoor activities in the summer. However, they are strongly urging individuals to pay more attention to their bodies as they become more active, warning and advising that physical stress that develops from summer fun can lead to severe sports injuries, as they go unnoticed or ignored, during the summer.

The team of Chiropractors at Blue Tree Clinics emphasized, " Engaging in strenuous physical activities in the summer, which causes physical stress is a huge problem for many of our patients. With all the summer fun, it's easy to forget the ramifications that these activities can have on the body"
The Chiropractors explain that individuals often overload knapsacks, picnic bags and baggage with heavy supplies while hiking, travelling or camping during the summer. Sometimes the terrain that is used for camping, hiking and walking is not the best and is not the most accommodating types of surface for the human body or its comfort.

Whiplash, low back pain and spinal stress often occur in patients who engage in water sports like surfing, skiing, tubing and speed boating. Young children who participate in many summer activities and sports can also be victims of injuries. Children's camps often provide many physical exercises and low impact activities at the beginning, so that children do not develop sprains, strains, and other injuries as a result.

The good news for individuals who have overdone their enjoyment just a tad too much or have underestimated their fitness levels a little too much, then the best care and relief from aches and pains is with chiropractic treatment. According to the team of Chiropractors at the Blue Tree Clinics, Chiropractic care is much more than treating injuries, it is more about educating patients on how to avoid and mitigate injuries in the future.

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