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From: CKS Container Kitchen Systems.
Published: Tue Feb 09 2010

Spring is an ideal time to get kitchens ready for the summer rush, but the refurbishment of a commercial kitchen can be a very disruptive process. Itís a difficult decision, whether to keep the kitchen up and running or close it during the alterations. Closing means a loss of revenue and risks losing customer loyalty. Unsuprisingly most places opt to stay open for business.

Container Kitchen Systems (CKS) can provide ready-to-go temporary kitchen solutions to minimise disruption, keep catering operations running smoothly and take the stress out of refurbishment. Different sizes and types of modular kitchens can be tailored to meet specific, individual requirements. For example, the CKS MK 28/62 is a medium-sized production kitchen with sufficient space for up to four chefs to work in comfort. This 2.8m x 6.2m kitchen comes complete with a wide range of equipment, enabling production of up to 200 meals per session. The kitchenís layout and equipment can be adapted to suit individual requirements.

CKS can even re-create the same type of catering operation as the one they are temporarily replacing, right down to the same equipment and layout. However, a temporary kitchen can also be a chance to try out new concepts and plans that can later be implemented into the refurbished kitchen.

The CKS kitchen modules are delivered fully equipped, ready-to-use, and quick to commission. Their modular design means they can be linked together or even stacked one on top of the other, depending on space limitations. All are designed to meet the latest Food and Hygiene Regulations and EHO standards.

"We aim to make the whole process as painless as possible," says Mark Kingston of CKS. "Just because the kitchen is only a stop-gap measure thereís no need to skimp on the quality or variety of equipment. In fact some people find they enjoy using the temporary kitchen so much that they don't want to move out!"

Once the temporary kitchen is in operation CKS offers full customer support including staff training if necessary. And, if as all too often happens, the refurbishment takes longer than planned, then the CKS module can stay on site enabling the customer to take advance bookings with confidence.

CKS is one of the UKís leading temporary kitchen specialists. The company also offers a professional kitchen installation service and operates a catering equipment maintenance division. For more information, brochures and details, contact Container Kitchen Systems direct, by phone on 0845 812 0800, email or on the web at
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