Couples Get That Sinking Feeling

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Published: Wed Jan 19 2011

The average couple argues 312 times a year - mostly over cleanliness, a study revealed yesterday (Tues).

Researchers found stubble in the sink, dirty marks in the toilet and taking too long to get ready are regular triggers for bust-ups.

Couples are most likely to fall-out after dinner on a Thursday evening with everything kicking off at just before 8pm - and lasting around ten minutes.

The statistics emerged in a study of 3,000 adults by

Spokesman Nick Elson said: ''All couples argue but to see how much time they argue over simply things like household chores was a bit of an eye opener.

''It seems a lot of time to be wasting bickering however annoying habits can get.''

The study found the kitchen is also a common battleground for arguments about cleanliness.

It also emerged women become more frustrated with their partner's habits than men do and complain mostly about the loo roll not being replaced, the seat being left up and wet towels being left on the floor.

Although men were more relaxed in general they are more likely to consider ending a relationship over things like taking too long to get ready and nagging them about chores.

Men were most bothered by hair clogging up the plughole and their partner leaving too many lights on.

Other habits that partners listed as annoying included leaving dirty cups around the house, hoarding stuff, flicking TV channels and leaving tissues all over the house.

Eight out of ten people said they often found themselves cleaning up after their other half rather than continue to nag them.

One in four credit their nagging with changing their partner's behaviour.

A fifth of Brits have even considered splitting up with their partner over their annoying habits.

Welsh couples were revealed as the most argumentative, while Scots were revealed to be quite laid back and the least likely to argue or get annoyed with one another.

Nick Elson added: ''It seems like couples find chores a real source of annoyance which is a real shame as bathrooms should be a relaxing place where people can unwind after a hard day.

''Most of the things listed here as annoying habits are no doubt frustrating but there are always solutions to problems.

''Whether it's introducing a new towel rack to help them dry or having a larger toilet roll holder. And if you clean after yourself as you go it will help reduce mess and dirt in the long-term.''
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