Debenhams reports women have Christmas all wrapped up

From: Debenhams
Published: Thu Dec 09 2010

Debenhams has revealed that over 80% of presents under the Christmas tree are selected, purchased and wrapped by women.

A new survey from the department store revealed that most women buy the majority of Christmas gifts for partners, children, grandparents, neighbours, friends and even themselves, plus stock up on expertly-wrapped standby unisex gifts such as wine and chocolates for unexpected Christmas visitors.

Debenhams spokesperson Michelle Dowdall commented: "While tradition states that the male is the head of the household, when it comes to Christmas shopping, women clearly wear the trousers.

"Whilst novelty gifts or boxes of chocolates may be a surprise for wives and mums on Christmas morning, the majority of women have already chosen or even bought the gifts they receive from their loved ones.

"When women are Christmas shopping they know exactly what will make themselves and their partner happy. Men seem a little less certain and often seek advice or guidance, which is why as a result of this survey we have briefed our army of personal shoppers to know exactly what to ask to help men find that perfect gift for their partner."

In a survey of 1,000 pre-Christmas customers, women came out as the seasoned shoppers, planning ahead of the crowds to purchase the perfect gift for every family member, putting thought and effort into each present.

Some admitted to buying gifts for themselves as early as September and presenting their husband with a receipt and present to put away until December. Others wrote wish lists for their partners, knowing that the gifts would appear under the tree come Christmas morning with little or no added surprises. 
The survey showed that 69% of women chose presents for their partner based on their own ideas, whereas only 21% of the presents were based on a specific item their partner had requested, and 10% were impulse buys.
Men seem to be relying on their partners wish list when Christmas shopping, with 49% choosing directly from the wish list, 37% using gifts their wives had bought and given to them and 11% impulse buys. There also seems to be a clear tendency that the older the man gets the more he follows the wish list.
Michelle Dowdall continued: "In December we see men walking around our stores clutching on to wish lists as if they were winning lottery tickets, whereas women are much more adventurous and find inspiration as they go along."
The study found that men tended to choose 'safe' Christmas gifts for her such as lingerie, perfume gift sets, jewellery and premium cosmetics, yet women included cosier items such as jumpers, coats and slippers on their wish lists.

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