Debenhams reveals women remain 'age defiant' till their seventies and beyond

From: Debenhams
Published: Mon Jan 10 2011

Debenhams has revealed that Image-conscious women don't ‘dress their age’ until they are 70 years old.

According to new research carried out by the retailer, an overwhelming 89% of women aspire to dress younger than their years with 55% citing 70 as the age they felt they would be, or had been happy to dress their age.

However, 45% of women said that their seventies would be no barrier to dressing and looking younger.

Debenhams asked customers if they had ever dressed their age following revelations from personal shoppers that 95% of female clients aim to look more youthful.

Carie Barkhuizen, Spokesperson for Debenhams said: "You only have to look at celebrity examples like Elle Macpherson and Sophia Loren to see that women are looking younger than ever.

"So it’s no surprise that our customers are also dressing for how they feel, rather than what it says on their drivers licence - and we want to encourage them.

"Thanks to the access women have to fashion and beauty advice, it’s now much easier to project a younger look than ever before."

However, it's not always about looking younger. Over 70% of women said they styled themselves to look older in their teens to impress older boys or get into pubs and bars.

Women's twenties also emerged as a decade for dressing older, with nearly 80% giving career progression as the reason.

Most women felt that their thirties and forties were torn between dressing frumpier when adjusting to demands of babies and small children and a growing concern with looking younger.

Over 50% said they started to dress younger in their thirties and 90% admitted they had started to dress younger by their mid-forties.

One 80 year old participant said that her fashion strategy was still to look young and trendy.

Alain Mehada, Debenhams Personal Shopper said: "Age defiance is about dressing for your shape and size, rather than dressing like a 20 year old. Wearing clothes that suit your body will make you feel confident and instantly take years off."

The top five items suggested by customers for feeling and looking younger were; well-fitted, supportive underwear, such as shapewear, trendy accessories, high heels, fitted jackets and contemporary make-up.
In stark contrast, only 12% of men said they had ever thought about dressing to look younger.


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