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Published: Tue Jun 08 2010

Many catering operations need to offer ŕ la carte menus as well as bulk catering capabilities for banquets and conferencing, but often find it difficult to fit the extra equipment required for bulk cooking into their kitchen space.
FRIMA’s VarioCooking Center is a whole new concept for the professional kitchen that combines boiling, shallow frying, deep frying and pressure cooking in one appliance. It is equally good at cooking ŕ la minute or preparing large batches of food in pre-production.
Because everything can be done in one single unit the VarioCooking Center can reduce the space required in the kitchen by up to 50 per cent. It heats up three times faster than conventional appliances, thus speeding up preparation times and freeing up the equipment quickly for the next task. For example it can sear 60kg of meat in 20 minutes.
The VarioCooking Center is extremely easy to use and always achieves perfect results. Simply key in the food to be cooked, select the desired degree of browning and the VarioCooking Center does the rest. Its intelligent cooking control automatically detects the size of the food and the load size. There’s no need to worry about the temperature or time, it monitors the food as it cooks. It even alters the operator when anything needs turning.
Roulades, braised meet, goulash and other stews can be cooked overnight or in other quiet periods without supervision. Or, for quicker, last minute preparation, the pressure cooking mode can cook perfectly crisp vegetables in just a few minutes.
The VarioCooking Center prevents food from sticking, burning or boiling over so soups, sauces, jus and stock can be prepared effortlessly and with one hundred per cent consistency. The correct temperatures are reached quickly and accurately to within one degree Centigrade.
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