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From: Najeda Online Marketing
Published: Fri Mar 26 2010

Marketing your business on the internet can no longer be ignored. In December 2009 Google recorded its highest ever search volume, with over 90 billllion searches in a 4 week period.TNS research data in the UK states that over 80% of people now use the internet to look for service providers.

If you think this does not apply to your market, think again. This figure relates to all types of service providers. In the month of February 2010 over a 1000 people were searching for a hairdresser in a small Lancashire town, with a similar number looking for an accountant and Solicitor. Imagine just capturing ten percent of these searches in the form of new clients.

Most business owners are starting to realise this fact and yet donít know where to start to capitalise on this booming marketing opportunity. Many local business leaders comment that they are being bamboozled with Jargon by SEO companies that donít tell a true story.

As a result there is now a growing need in the market place to demystify the whole online marketing process. It is true that there is a lot of information out there if you know where to look. The challenge is many business owners donít. The internet can be a busy place.

Two business owners who experienced this for themselves a few years ago are Denise Oyston and Sharon Newey of Najeda Online marketing. Sharon and Denise have a learning and development company and launched a very expensive website that nobody visited. Unfortunately no one explained to them that they would have to pay extra for SEO or Search engine optimization as it is called, on their site. Or that they would then need to market their own website to see any results. As a result they decided to roll up their sleeves and learn the art of internet marketing for themselves. This journey took them across the globe.
In addition they invest many hours on webinars and teleseminars in the middle of the night with other internet knowledge seekers in the United States and Australia.

The result was an ability to understand and simplify the process of marketing online and how to get their own sites on page one of Google. Being natural facilitators and trainers, Denise and Sharon saw a growing unmet need in the market place for internet marketing training for Small Businesses in the UK.

As a result Najeda Online are committed to demystifying online marketing for small business owners. Denise Oyston and Sharon Newey have the vision that every SME business owner in the UK has access to education that enables them to leverage the internet for business success.

Part of this process is their free half day taster events across Cumbria and Lancashire in the North of England. The first FREE workshops are taking place next week on March 30th and 31st. These will be followed by two more on May 4th and 5th.
Sharon Newey and Denise Oyston are two passionate individuals who love to teach and help fellow entrepreneurs and business owners in the new online arena.

In a recent interview Denise Oyston commented. Having been there ourselves, we have a real understanding of how confusing marketing online can be. It is not that people are being misled, itís just that some companies can overcomplicate internet marketing. In reality if you have just some basic knowledge you can make a huge difference to how you can attract new clients online. With the explosion of consumer use of the internet in a commercial way, this marketing avenue must take increasing priority if as a business owner you are serious about your own companiesí growth.

If you would like more information about booking onto one of these Free internet marketing training events contact Najeda Online and ask to speak to either Denise or Sharon.

They can be contacted at or phone 08452570073

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