Japanese Art Dealers Rutherston & Bandini Cause a Stir With a Unique Major Exhibition of Japanese An

From: Rutherston & Bandini
Published: Wed Apr 25 2012

(Rutherston & Bandini ) April 10, 2012 announced an exhibition of Japanese Antiques entitled "Japanese Noh, Kyôgen and Kagura Masks". These rare examples of Japanese art will be on display at their London gallery (Rutherston & Bandini, 5 Georgian House, 10 Bury Street, London SW1Y 6AA) from May 14th until June 29th, 2012.

Exhibition Overview
At the core of the exhibition is a private German collection of masks, at least some of which may well have come from the Toyama daimyō family and passed briefly through the hands of the legendary Japanese dealer based in Paris Tadamasa Hayashi, as well as through the Berlin Asian Art Museum over 100 years ago. These have been supplemented by the same number of masks from other collections, some with known Japanese provenance. The masks in the exhibition form a good representative selection of types (whether fiercely demonic, melancholic, serene or jocund) and have been chosen for their quality of execution and for condition. These antique Japanese masks range in date from around 1500 to 1850. The organizers are not aware of any such exhibition of Japanese Art having been held previously by a gallery in London

Certainly this offers a rare opportunity to view a unique collection of Japanese antiques not previously displayed publicly anywhere.

A printed and fully illustrated catalogue of the exhibition will be available for order from the gallery. This catalogue will also be viewable online from early May at the Rutherston & Bandini Japanese Art Gallery website.

Exhibition Organisers
Rutherston & Bandini are specialist dealers in Japanese Antiques and works of art, principally netsuke and inro, but including antique Japanese sword fittings, ceramics and lacquerware. Rutherston & Bandini was founded in late 2010 and are globally recognized experts in Japanese art and antiques. The Gallery organizes at least two exhibitions of Japanese Art every year. The current catalogue of Japanese antique Netsuke, Ojime and Lacquer is available for viewing and free download at their Japanese Art Blog. Exhibitions are normally open by appointment from Monday to Friday.
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