MYGO’s Quality Corner Rack Product Set for UK Launch

From: Inspia
Published: Wed Aug 11 2010

MYGO, who specialises in suction technology, offers a wide range of suction cup home storage solutions for use in bathrooms and other tiled surfaces in the home.

The quality corner rack is ideal for putting that extra sparkle to a bathroom, making it a focal point for house visitors.

Using advanced suction technology in order to make it hard-wearing, the MYGO product stays in place for up to five years.

Designed to add extra room to your household, the DIY bathroom storage products can be placed successfully on wall tiles and is extremely easy to assemble.

Most importantly, the product does not damage surfaces and therefore is ideal for rented accommodation, caravans and use in hotels. The product can also be taken down easily and used again.

They are also heat resistant, stain resistant and are made from biodegradable and recyclable materials. Coming in a neutral white colour, they can compliment any decor.

With thorough instructions on how to assemble, the innovative bathroom product is perfect for everyone; from the most comprehensive DIY enthusiast to a beginner.

After its successful launch in its homeland of Australia, MYGO has now decided to extend its range to the UK.

The UK marketplace is one which readily embraces innovative and unique products, such as the bathroom storage solutions currently on offer through MYGO.

Nalla Karunanithy, Managing Director of MYGO, said: "We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to launch our product range in the UK.

"After our success in Australia, we felt we needed to expand internationally and there is no better place to market our range than in the UK. It acknowledges self-assemble bathroom furniture which are different and unique, which is what we offer, and therefore we felt it the ideal place to begin our expansion."

Peter Woodward, UK Sales Director of MYGO said: "MYGO’s products are unique and innovative; something which the UK as a culture has always looked for.

"With the success in Australia being so insurmountable, it would obvious that the products should then be marketed in the UK as a way of spreading the company to different parts of the world."

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About MYGO
MYGO is a company based in Australia who produces products which incorporates the latest suction technology in order to appeal to the space conscious consumer.

MYGO products offer obvious quality excellence with the added ease of installation, whilst also giving the option of buying multiple products from the range.

Offering customer service support for merchandisers and product guarantee, each product will exceed customer expectations. MYGO products are built to last. MYGO products are perfectly positioned to deliver solutions for home storage, with the strongest suction-powered products on the market.

The contemporary and practical designs of the MYGO products ensure instant appeal for today’s space-conscious home. With an eye for both visual appeal, practical simplicity of installation and price competitiveness, the MYGO brand will strike a chord for today’s shoppers.

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