Make Your Office a Green Place to Work with Acorn Office Accessories

From: Acorn Office Products
Published: Mon Oct 18 2010

Acorn Office Accessories based in Gloucestershire offer a wide range of recycling options through their website The options include:

* Paper recycling bins
* Ink cartridge recycling bins
* Desktop recycling bins
* Tin can and plastic bottle recycling bins

Recycling your office waste is vital within any organisation, each year we send office waste to landfill sites where they just create CO2 emissions and pollute the atmosphere. ( ) The waste we send to landfill is needless as most of it can be recycled to make new office products such as paper, pens, envelopes and calculators.

Acorn Office Accessories ( ) provides effective solutions to help you recycle as much of your office waste as possible, the recycling bins sold are actually made from recycled fibres themselves and can be custom branded to include your company logo and message which can provide an attractive advertising aid to customers. The bins are designed to be effective in any space, for instance the desktop bin fits neatly onto any desk and allows the worker to simply put unwanted paper and pens into the correct receptacle without the need to get up from their place of work.

Traditionally recycling bins in offices and retails outlets have taken up too much space and have been unwanted; with the new range of bins offered by Acorn Office Accessories ( ) you can put the bins in convenient areas allowing access to all workers but without taking up too much space.

It is important to get your workers involved in recycling within the workplace and customers will find it comforting knowing that you care about the environment. It is inexpensive to set up and once the bins are in place there is no need to change them, just empty them when full.

You can see the full range of products offered on the website You can place orders on the website through the new e-shop where you can select from a number of delivery options to suit you.

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