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Published: Tue Jun 15 2010

Last week Models Direct provided models for a rather exciting client: the Science Museum. The London museum was looking for one male and one female model to feature in advertising campaigns. Read on to find out more.

The Science Museum needed models with oval faces, nice ears and no fringe for the photo shoot. Models Direct models Jahmel and Karolina were selected for the assignment, for which they had some head shots taken.

Models Direct were really happy when they received the models’ feedback to find that they both enjoyed the assignment. While Karolina gave a short and sweet response saying that the assignment was great and she was happy that the photos would be used, Jahmel gave a thorough and humorous account of what happened on the day.

When he first got to the assignment location, after having a quick shave in the studio’s bathroom, Jahmel was sent to the makeup artist. Jahmel had makeup applied to his chest and face before getting down to business and posing for the photographer.

"We went over to the shoot and I had to sit on a stall and take a thousand and one photos moving my head slightly forward and chin up," he explains. "All those challenging directions that most people would require a PHD in order to do!"

"It was fun anyway," Jahmel continues. "I got to make like I was important for three hours before going to my day job where my model features are wasted. I just blend in with all the others whilst day dreaming about what my next shoot will be like."

Jahmel obviously loves modelling and has given enthusiastic responses to three modelling assignments he has received through Models Direct. He also makes the most of his assignments, taking time to network with the clients, get some extra photos and even has some new Facebook friends.

"It was cool," Jahmel finishes by saying. "I showed my personality and represented the agency as best as I could."

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