Patisserie Valerie With The French Touch

From: Patisserie Valerie
Published: Tue Jul 06 2010

It is rumoured that employees of a new Patisserie are getting the chop in July – but for once it’s good news.

To celebrate its continental pedigree, the Patisserie Valerie chain is inviting customers to drop by and help celebrate France’s Bastille Day at their new Knightsbridge restaurant when it opens! Art lovers will also have the opportunity to indulge their wallets with a special instore exhibition by local artists.

- And if that’s not enough to tempt indulgence lovers along, then the Patisserie Valerie can can girls will be their to add their particular entente cordiale!

The new store at 215 Brompton Road opens on Wednesday 14th July which coincides with celebrations in France of Bastille Day.

Chief Executive Officer Paul May said,
"We pride ourselves on being different and innovative both in our food and indulgence offerings - and also the way that we plan to surprise and entertain our customers.

Despite the fact that Bastille Day is at the heart of French republican tradition, we have no plans to chop off any heads or overthrow the Queen and Prince Philip – indeed we would be glad to welcome them at our new Knightsbridge Patisserie.

We will be dressing the store in the red, white and blue tricolour of France for a 3 day period of celebrations starting on Bastille Day – which coincides with the opening of the new store. We will also be producing special limited edition cakes from our indulgence range. Our staff will also be appropriately dressed for the occasion!

On a serious note we felt that many current themed occasions such as Valentines Day have become over commercialised and tired. We felt that the new opening gave us the opportunity to do something different. We were also keen to support local artists – hence the exhibition.

On a more patriotic note however, we feel that St George is sadly neglected - and we hope to include the poor chap in our promotional program next year"

Patisserie Valerie already has 26 outlets in London and newly opened eateries in Bath, Canterbury, Cambridge, Leeds and Wolverhampton with further openings planned.

The Company provides a dazzling array of pure indulgence in the form of delicious cake range, but does not neglect the basics of breakfasts, lunches etc. Many business breakfast clubs also use its facilities early in the mornings.

The Company provides businesses with a delivered catering service and at the other extreme, decorated wedding cakes for budding brides and grooms.

It has recently launched a home delivery service for its large cake range.

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