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Published: Tue Nov 13 2012

Winter has the tendency to creep up on residents of the UK without them even realising, as such this leaves them vulnerable to all the downfalls of winter before they’ve had chance to prepare. In light of this, there is now a dedicated page for winter essentials at

The marketing team hope that this will make visitors to the website aware of the incoming winter period and stock up appropriately.

Inside this specific group the team has conjured up lies a whole host of necessary winter items; along with some that most people wouldn’t give a second thought to. Take for example the car care category which suggests the obvious de-icer sprays and car covers; but it doesn’t stop there. As the boys in the department know how harsh winter can be, they’ve also included breakdown kits and necessities for those emergency situations which happen more often than people realise. Click here to take a look at the group and see what should be in the boot of the car this winter!

Anthony Langston, Link Building Specialist at Toolbox commented on the winter group: "The purpose of the winter group is to make it as easy as possible for visitors and customers to find the things they need for the upcoming season. We’ve also added it to the top navigation bar to raise awareness and ensure people realise they need to start preparing since winter comes around quite quickly in the UK. Hopefully we will prevent some problems over the Christmas period and also make emergency situations a lot easier due to people having the correct equipment on hand!"

The marketing team trialled this same promotion last year during the cold months and it worked extremely well; therefore if they’re doing it again, it must have had a pretty positive response. So head on over to click here and see what should be on the Christmas wish list (if it isn’t already!)

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