Two Assignments for Models Directís Mature Male Models

From: Models Direct
Published: Fri Jun 04 2010

People often think that modelling is just for slim, young women but at commercial modelling agencies such as Models Direct this simply isnít true! Recently, two of Models Directís more mature male models have enjoyed two very different assignments.

The first of these assignments was for Taylor Herring, who selected 49-year-old model Adrian to take on the role of a Morris dancer for the afternoon. Elly at the PR company was looking for a middle-aged, larger male model to be photographed wearing Morris dancing costumes.

It might not sound like the most glamorous of modelling assignments but Adrian still really enjoyed his afternoon modelling. "I havenít had that much fun for a long time," he reported in his feedback. "The shoot was relaxed, professional, fun. What more is there to say? I trust I got on OK with the photographer and the person for whom he was working. I hope I did well and produced the goods for the client."

Secondly, 56-year-old model John had a very different assignment, appearing on Crimewatch! Donít worry though, heís not a criminal. John was selected to take part in a reconstruction to be shown on the BBC programme. Models Direct couldnít wait to hear how the assignment went.

"As this was my first assignment I didnít know what to expect," John informed the agency. "After brief introductions and a soft drink we were whisked off to a private dining room to film the first few scenes. I knew I had a walk on part but had no idea we would be ad-libbing as well as eating on camera."

"Once this was complete we were driven to another location to film at the murder scene, although it was impractical to film with the driver and central character in the car so much of my time was spend standing around," model John continued. "The other actors were far more experienced than me but were easy to work with. Whilst the fee was modest the experience was invaluable and I hope to do more soon."

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