UT UNIQLO T-shirts - The World’s Heroes & Stars Come Together

Published: Thu Apr 01 2010

The T-shirts will go on sale at UT STORE HARAJUKU, UNIQLO’s exclusive T-shirt store in Tokyo, UNIQLO clothing stores worldwide and UNIQLO online store.

UNIQLO has been transmitting multiple T-shirt media around the world since 2003, linking up with artists, creators, stylists, models and well-known companies worldwide. To mark the 8th year in 2010, we are developing a record 1300 colours and designs for UNIQLO T-shirts to reach customers throughout the world. UNIQLO alone offer this many T-shirt designs every year.

UT ALLSTARS – the central UT theme for 2010

UT ALLSTARS is the main UT theme for 2010. We are creating a big UT culture by bringing together heroes and characters from Japan and other parts of the world.The Japanese comic strips, anime and games, affectionately labelled "Cool Japan", are becoming increasing popular overseas with more and more fans in Europe and other parts of the world. We believe that UNIQLO has helped create this Cool Japan boom by transmitting "Japan Culture" T-shirt media around the world.

We are compiling a bumper line-up of T-shirt contents for UT 2010 sporting famous heroes and characters from Japan and other world nations - an exciting line-up to drive the creation of new culture. We continue to treat the T-shirt as a type of media, putting various cultures onto T-shirt for transmission worldwide.

New fashionable T-shirt silhouettes help coordinate your look

UT 2010Â’s many new T-shirt fits make for a broader style of T-shirt dress, great for coordinating any outfit for both men and women.

In our womenÂ’s clothing range, we have an astounding range of T-shirt dresses and sleeveless designs. In our menÂ’s clothing range, along with the original V-neck and U-neck styles, we have many new exciting designs including the deeper V-neck, cut-off, roll-neck and big-silhouette styles. All so customers can experience the fun of T-shirt styling.


UNIQLO is a Japanese fashion house specialising in affordable casual wear without making any compromise on quality. Dedicated to providing high-quality garments, UNIQLO controls the entire process from concept to manufacture to marketing.
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