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From: Dream of Silver
Published: Wed Nov 03 2010

Dream of Silver, the online silver jewellery boutique, has issued 6 tips for buying jewellery, in order to help people choose and buy good quality pieces of jewellery that they can wear for decades:

1. Always go for the best you can afford Ė good quality jewellery will last longer and look better than cheap alternatives. Think of it as an investment!

2. Choose stylish, well made pieces that you can wear for years. Donít just buy what is fashionable Ė the latest trend will become outdated very quickly leaving you with a piece of jewellery youíll no longer want to wear.

3. Visit independent boutiques and designers to search out something different that you canít buy in bland high street stores. Antique shops could also have some hidden gems!

4. Donít be scared to buy something different! If you love an unusual piece of jewellery, wear it with confidence and your head held high, and compliments will come your way.

5. Go for handmade jewellery! Handcrafted items can often be better quality and more eco-friendly than their mass-market counterparts. And many designers offer a personalised service, so you can choose the gemstone, finish or wording on a particular piece. Check out www.folksy.co.uk and local craft fairs for a great range of handmade jewellery and accessories.

6. When buying jewellery from a shop make sure you always try it on first (apart from earrings for pierced ears which cannot be tried on for hygiene reasons). Rings should fit snugly, bangles should not be loose and make sure you are happy with the length of a chain or necklace. When buying online make sure there is a good returns policy so you can return your jewellery if itís not quite right for you.

There is lots more information about choosing jewellery, plus how to care for and clean silver jewellery to help keep it looking its best, on Dream of Silverís website www.dreamofsilver.com.

For more information contact Laura Swain on 07880 720852 or at info@dreamofsilver.com, or visit www.dreamofsilver.com.
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