Women's Day: Meet the Women Who Made it Happen

From: Kaymu.com
Published: Fri Mar 06 2015

This Women's Day, Kaymu celebrates its women entrepreneurs across Europe.

March 8 marks International Womenís Day all over the world. This year, the theme is about women who "Make it Happen". Kaymu is celebrating women entrepreneurs who did exactly that. Despite the world taking baby steps to move away from patriarchy, it isnít easy for women to venture out on their own in the largely manís world of entrepreneurship and these incredible women have done exactly that in diverse industries from jewellery to confectionery.

These women have dared to break boundaries and make their mark on the business world, which is truly an amazing feat. They have embraced the world of commerce and managed to carve a niche for themselves there. They managed to truly make it happen.

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