WoodburnerWorld Re-Release Stove Guide E-Book for Winter 2012

From: Woodburning Stoves
Published: Mon Nov 12 2012

Woodburning-Stoves.co.uk is the new renamed website for the WoodburnerWorld brand and has been for the past year. At the same time this website changed occurred, the retailer released an e-book titled "Everything you need to know about Wood Burning Stoves" which was essentially a comprehensive guide to wood burning stoves and equipment.

However, the crew at WoodburnerWorld feel that although the book was written to an extremely high standard with a lot of relevant information; certain aspects can become outdated as the months and years pass. Due to this, the team have decided to go through the book and update information to ensure itís still relevant for winter 2012 as they donít want to mislead anyone by providing incorrect or out of date info.

Paul Dickinson, Product Manager at Woodburning-Stoves.co.uk commented on e-book update: "When the book was created in 2011, sadly I wasnít here to help out and put my two-cents in; but thankfully the revision of the e-book will give me a chance to change this and add something extra. Due to the time Iíve spent in the industry, I believe Iím extremely up to date with all the current practices and approval schemes which will enable the book to be even more detailed which should hopefully help people who are looking to buy and install a new wood burner in their house."

Itís not every day that a leading retailer in the industry decides to make a guide/e-book for the benefit of people who might not even buy from their website. If that wasnít enough, the guys and girls at WoodburnerWorld decided that these people shouldnít even have to pay for the privilege of owning the book and are offering it for free...

A free copy can be obtained from the woodburning-stoves website or by clicking here and saving the PDF file.

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