iPhone app spells end of 'missed connections'

From: StreetSpark
Published: Thu May 20 2010

For years singles have desperately posted ads on bulletin boards or online, appealing to the attractive woman they just missed on the train, hoping against hope she will stumble upon their plea.

Just days ago Keir Moffett even set up a Facebook page to try to find the 'just gorgeous' girl on the train to Bristol. But he didn't have to go to such trouble.

Because now there’s an app to help the besotted and bring an end to ‘missed connections’. The popular dating app StreetSpark has launched a new feature that tells you who has been in the café or bar just before you and if you just missed a real connection.

With Familiar Strangers StreetSparkers ‘check in’ to their favourite haunts and they can see if they just missed someone who would make an ideal date. Instead of kicking himself at his missed connection Keir only needed to check in and he could have discovered who the 'gorgeous girl' was and chatted with her over StreetSpark's network.

With Familiar Strangers there’s no more posting appeals on Craigslist or in the papers. StreetSpark's creators believe that where you go says a lot about who you are. That's why Familiar Strangers is an excellent new tool to help singles find great dates, much better that paying for ads that no one is likely to see.

‘With three million single people in London, its easy to pass by someone who you should meet, but maybe you don’t know enough about them yet to feel comfortable going up to them, or maybe you are just too busy to notice at all,’ says Founder Anthony Erwin.

'I recommend the clearly romantic Keir signs up to StreetSpark ASAP.'

StreetSpark members Bob and Heather agree. They had often frequented the same places; cafes, bars and restaurants, and actually work and live close to each other. But it seems that although their paths were crossing, they were still missing each other, often by just a matter of hours.

‘Its like those stories you hear about people moving half-way around the world, and then meeting someone they lived only streets away from back home.’

Bob adds, ‘It provides the ice breakers, something to talk about. And made it much easier I think to start out on the right foot.’

StreetSpark searches out compatible matches and ‘sparks’ users when they’re nearby. The two people can then get in touch with each other by ‘igniting’ and arranging to meet up. It will show users the places they both like to go to and where their paths have crossed in the city before.

Anthony adds, ‘Internet dating is dead.  We know that 55% of Communication comes from body language, and 38% is vocal. You need to meet people to know if there is a spark between you."

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Notes to Editor:

StreetSpark is free. Members are able to register on the network for more basic services like seeing the sparks they have been matched with. Familiar Strangers will be available on an opt-in basis only so users choose when to tell people where they are.
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