Annual Fest ‘One World’ proved International Oneness at LPU Campus

Published: Mon May 18 2015

Propagating international oneness among thousands of students, LPU concluded its 6th annual international festival "One World". Day-2 of the fest strengthened international spirit, understanding and bonds of oneness at LPU Campus. At one venue of the fest students enjoyed typical dances and songs of different countries; whereas, on other they relished international foods. Special exhibitions included monuments, archaeological objects, architectural designs, wildlife, landscapes, geological supremacies, antique acquirements, cultural and allied art and other dominances of different countries. Displays about women leaders, patriots, saints, sports-women and their world renowned ideologies added luster to the celebration.

International dance forms were another big attraction on day-2 of the fest. Students from China presented fan, dragon, lantern dances; Mongolian presented Nomads ; Bhutanese students came out Rigsar; Sri Lankan performed for Sri Lankan Semi Classical Dance; Afghanistan was with Attan Dance form; Nigerian students mesmerized with Skelewu, feel it, etighi; USA students thrilled others with Hip-Hop and Michael Jackson dances; Malawi students were applauded the most for Military Dance; whereas, Tanzanian presented Bongo and Zambians Tonga Bull Dance. Similarly, they relished Chinese Mos Burger, Hakka Noodles, Kothey momos, Yung Chong fried rice; Italian Mozzerella pops, creamy yummy pasta, lusty lime virgin; Tibetan Thukpa, Laphing, Grilled cheese bruchaptta; and, many more from other countries.

Awarding the participating international students and departments of the University, Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal expressed: "International celebrations teach us emphatically what oneness, friendship, peaceful existence and bonds of togetherness are to exist peacefully in this world. This all can be well understood by working closely and together. I am happy to note that faculty members and students worked together day and night for one-another’s country." Mr Mittal continued: "Such co-activities are real studies towards life and humanity. No doubt we all have a distinct identity; however, we all belong to a universal family. These fests guide us to have a warm welcome for others’ peculiarities through such huge participations."

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