Architect Finds a Love for Teaching English in Japan

From: TEFL Scotland
Published: Fri May 14 2010

Mike Gilchrist found that the poor state of the economy meant that there were few jobs available for architects in the UK so instead of taking a boring office job, he gained a TEFL qualification and moved to Japan to teach English as a foreign language. He went with the intention of staying for a year but has found himself staying for another.

Mike says there are several reasons for staying: "I still don't think my time in Japan is finished and there are several places I still want to visit. I was guaranteed a job teaching in two different Junior High Schools, excellent holidays, decent pay and I do really like teaching too. It's rewarding, fun, and probably the best job I’ve had."

He’s done plenty of travelling and so far has been to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Kobe and has even climbed Mt Fuji! The only downside, says Mike is the cost of travel: "Japan has such a variety of things to see from the bright neon lights of bustling Tokyo, to the relaxed traditional sights of Kyoto. So if you have the money to spend on travelling there are lots and lots of things to see and do."

After spending two years in Japan, Mike hopes that the job market will have improved back home and he will be able to find work as an architect - but he hasn’t completely ruled out staying even longer. He made the decision to train with TEFL Scotland when he was made redundant, which not only provided him with the qualification he needed to teach abroad, but the company also helped him find work in Japan.

TEFL companies have noticed that problems with the economy have resulted in a rise in the number of people seeking work abroad. TEFL Scotland co-founder, Jennifer MacKenzie comments: "Over the last four months we’ve had a 50% increase year-on-year on people taking TEFL courses with the aim to move abroad either permanently or for the duration of the economic troubles."

A TEFL certificate has meant that Mike, along with many others like him, has been able to earn a good living and pick up valuable skills that look impressive on a CV as well as having an amazing and unforgettable time doing it.

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