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IFA Paris offers a 3-year Bachelor's Degree program where students can hone their fashion design skills in Paris for the first two years and then in Shanghai for their final year. The school also offers MBAs in other fashion and merchandise courses.

[UKPRwire, Wed May 06 2009] To succeed in todayís fashion world, fashion designers need a lot more than just the ability to competently sketch garments on a sheet of paper.

This is why IFA Paris, a leading fashion school with campuses in Paris and Shanghai has developed a 3-year Bachelorís Degree program, wherein students can choose to study in Paris for the first two years, and then complete their final year in Shanghai.

The course offers a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates design, patternmaking & draping, and marketing courses into an innovative curriculum that draws on Paris campusí tradition and the most current trends in the industry. It is designed to build the studentsí creativity, skill and attractiveness to future employers.

IFA Parisí mission is to provide young fashion professionals with the skills and right attitude necessary to become leaders in international fashion and luxury companies. At the same time, this fashion school strongly encourages its graduates to lead the way in shaping the new generation of local fashion designers, who will come to be recognized throughout the world.

The schoolís instructors and the entire staff of IFA Paris understand their role in shaping the future careers of their students. To help them achieve the best, the IFA faculty addresses the needs of each student as an individual. Beyond sharing their wide range of experiences and equipping the students with the required technical skills that were learned through exposure to Franceís fashion heritage and the latest trends from Parisí runways, these instructors pass on invaluable personal traits: enthusiasm, passion and confidence.

The first year of this Bachelor in Fashion Design consists of students learning the basics of design, patternmaking, draping and computer-aided design, while exploring the cultural and historical context of fashion development. By the end of their second year, students are able to design and create a wide array of garments while armed with a solid understanding of how design concepts and market forces affect perception of their designs. Third year students in IFA Parisí fashion design program can then choose one area to specialize in: design, marketing or patternmaking & draping. The design program concludes with students showcasing their work in IFA Paris, Fashion Universityís annual Fashion Show.

IFA Parisí Bachelor graduates are sought after by managers of French and international fashion companies because these leaders recognize the value of an IFA education. From the studentsí first year of studies, the staff of IFA strongly encourage participation in various industry projects and internships during vacations. These projects and internships provide an invaluable link between IFAís rigorous curriculum and the working world of fashion. The Fashion Collegeís connections to high profile fashion houses and other players in the fashion and luxury industries help its students establish a network and build a portfolio that will serve them throughout their careers. Through these projects and the help of the Placement office on each campus, which closely assists students in finding jobs that suit their goals, skills and interests, students get a real feel of the fashion world.

IFA Paris is also now offering MBAs in Fashion Business & Retail, International Brand Management, International Artistic Management, and a number of short courses.

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