Best Vegetarian Restaurant - Scottish, in Glasgow and Vegan!

A Glasgow vegan restaurant bar beat top vegetarian names in Edinburgh and London to get on the A list reported by The Times. The winners of The Vegetarian Society Awards 2008 –10 of Britain's best vegetarian restaurants included The 78. The 78 are inviting non vegetarians to try their award winning dishes for half price on World Vegan Day Saturday 1st November.

[UKPRwire, Thu Oct 30 2008] No Cheesy Glasgow Grins Virtually unknown until recently The 78 beat more established Vegetarian restaurants in Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland and even London to join the list of The Vegetarian Society’s top 10 vegetarian restaurants in the UK voted for by their members. Even more outstanding is that the chef at The 78 in Glasgow has achieved this without resorting to cheesy clichés that other restaurants use. He also manages to create ingeniously delicious desserts without resorting to lashings of cream and butter or the ubiquitous vegan fruit salad.

Healthy Secret

Owner Craig Tannock says “Our secret is to avoid labels wherever possible so that we are judged by what we do rather than who or what we are. The efforts of the team at The 78 to create dishes that are delicious and appeal to all, but satisfy our ethical criteria has clearly paid off. They totally deserve this accolade.”

Imagination in Stereo

Tony Bishop-Weston from Foods for Life, author of ‘The Complete book of Vegan Cooking’ by Lorenz says “Most people are drawn to vegetarianism because they perceive it to be healthier. It seems clearly difficult for chefs to change habits of using saturated animal fat in everything and just replace meat with cheese. There are sadly surprisingly few chefs who have the imagination of the true great cooks such as Chad Sarno from Saf in London. Glasgow is however, unexpectedly blessed with three places where you can eat healthy food cunningly disguised as delicious food –not just the award winning 78 there is also the well known Mono and Stereo, the deli / café / music venue at 20-28 Renfield Lane .”

Nutritional Need

Bishop-Weston’s partner Yvonne, a leading London Nutritionist says “Statistics show people’s diets are drastically short on fruit and vegetables, essential fats, fibre and plant based nutrients and anti-oxidants. It’s brilliant that even where you’d least expect it, you can find restaurants such as the 78, stereo and mono making healthy food delicious.”

World Vegan Day Offer

In addition to the traditional World Vegan Day half price menu, Glasgow’s top 3 vegetarian restaurants, Stereo, Mono and the award winning 78 are offering an all day World Vegan Day meal ticket. Eat a delicious meat free breakfast, lunch and dinner for only £10. Contact Mono, Stereo or The 78 for more details.


The Report in the Times

The 78, Glasgow (0141 5765018) - A vegan bar-cafe in Glasgow may seem like a tall order, but the popular 78 certainly delivered for our diners, with great service, atmosphere and a good range of dishes. Described by the manager as "a bar that likes quality food", all offerings here are vegan-vegetarian, such as the baked haggis with baby potatoes and a mustard cream sauce, the sweet potato and cabbage soup, or the homemade falafel platter with sides that are updated daily. For dessert, taste the dark chocolate tort on a nutty biscuit base with cream and berries, or the crispy banana parcel with rum sauce and vanilla ice cream.
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