Conservatives Welcome Report on Future Education Options for Northern Ireland

Assembly Candidate, Bob Little, supports maintenance of academic selection.

[UKPRwire, Fri Feb 09 2007] Bob Little, Conservative candidate for Strangford has welcomed a report detailing alternatives to the 11 plus as a ‘positive contribution’:

“The Association for Quality Education is to be commended for this report. Parents are deeply concerned about what is to replace the 11 plus and this report has many interesting and positive suggestions”.

Mr Little went on to reiterate the Conservatives support for academic selection and to emphasise the need for the Assembly to address the method of transfer as a matter of urgency:

“We will continue to argue in support of a system that matches pupils to a range of different types of school”

Mr Little criticised the Ulster Unionists and others for watering down their support for academic selection:

“Alliance, the SDLP and SF are unequivocal in their support for ending selection - despite clear evidence that the public want to retain it. The Ulster Unionist Education spokesman has recently been quoted as saying that, ‘We have to remain open about a non-selective system too. All things need to be on the table.’”

Conservatives favour a selection based system that more overtly matches pupils to the best school based on aptitude and suitability for the schools’ curricula.

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