Education technology startup Coursevine offers free courses to migrants to boost employment chances.

From: Coursevine
Published: Mon Apr 27 2015

In retaliation to the abhorrent comments made by Katie Hopkins in the Sun newspaper on the 17th April, Coursevine, an online marketplace that offers classroom based courses at up to 70% off, wants to offer a helping hand to migrants by offering free training in interview skills and CV writing skills to increase their chances of finding gainful employment. Katie Hopkins labeled migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean as ‘cockroaches’. She distastefully wrote, "I don’t care. Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water, play violins and show me skinny people looking sad. I still don’t care."

Lily Odogwu, The founder of, wants to extend a helping hand to migrants who flee their war torn countries in desperate search for their right to a better quality of life. Aware that her efforts to help may be small, the horrifying stories she’s heard about migrants being burned alive in gas explosions and ships sinking has propelled her to want to help migrants better their lives and she encourages others to do the same. "Most migrants want to find work to improve their quality of life. I want to help to make that dream a reality." She claims that if Katie Hopkins been on the train/ bus in London inciting racial hatred, she would probably have been arrested. However, minus a few comments on Twitter, she’s still writing for The Sun. " We need to put an end to small minded way that a handful people view migrants," she says. "The last thing migrants need is to escape one hell only to be greeted with racial hatred and resentment from the likes of Katie Hopkins."

Tareke Brhane, an Eritrean migrant who was interviewed by BBC Breakfast on 21st April explains that making the journey by boat as a last resort and in spite of the risk of death, he was still prepared to take his chances. Having gained his PHD at Manchester University, he currently works as a Pastor. Lily believes that all migrants can achieve this level of success with the right guidance, knowledge and training.

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