Fifteen hundred organisations from 85 countries shape MapleSim, the next generation tool for modelli

Symbolic computation capabilities in new product to help students gain greater insights

[UKPRwire, Tue Dec 30 2008] The product, well-honed from months of intense pilot testing and feedback from approximately fifteen hundred organisations spanning 85 countries, is expected to set new standards in modelling and simulation. By generating model equations in symbolic form, MapleSim helps teachers to quickly demonstrate the connection between modelling concepts and the underlying mathematical theory to their students.

With the cutting edge physical modelling techniques in MapleSim, the time spent creating models is drastically reduced. Users can simply create the system diagram on the screen in the same way they would draw it on paper. The model equations are then generated automatically.

MapleSim applies symbolic pre-processing techniques to these model equations, creating simplified and highly efficient models. Code generated from these simplified models can be exported to real-time and other applications. Because of the symbolic pre-processing, this code runs ten to one hundred times faster for complex models.

MapleSim contains powerful tools for model design and analysis, including dynamic analysis, control design and optimisation. MapleSim even allows users to easily create custom components and live design documentation.

"MapleSim is one of those rare products that promises more than even its creators envisioned,” said Sean Scott, instructor at University of Waterloo. “I eagerly anticipate using it in several fields of learning."

MapleSim brings together the world’s most advanced symbolic computing engine and traditional numeric solvers to supercharge the simulation and modelling process. With the Maple™ computation engine at its core to provide the automatic generation of equations, model simplification and analysis tools, savings in the design process can range from weeks to months.

“It has been exciting to see the significant progress in the development of MapleSim,” said Jim Cooper, CEO of Maplesoft. “With many passionate users giving us constructive feedback we have turned MapleSim into a truly user-driven product. Thanks to users who took the opportunity to interact with the Maplesoft product development team and influence the next generation of modelling and simulation tools, we have a product that is truly outstanding.”

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