Firebrand Training - First to the Market with Accelerated Microsoft Software Licensing Certfication

Firebrand Training has launched the first accelerated Microsoft Software Licensing certification in Europe.

[UKPRwire, Wed Sep 23 2009] The new course is perfect for anyone who designs or sells licensing solutions to small and medium-sized and large organisations,
typically those with from 5 to 499 devices or more.

The entire purchasing process is covered, from understanding capacity needs now, and in the future, to recommending licensing options, and then providing post-sales support.

Upon completion of the Microsoft Software Licensing course, the delegate will be able to:
• Define a licensing solution that best suits the customer's needs
• Deep knowledge about licensing for Microsoft Software-Applications

The new course will prepare and test students in the following Microsoft accreditations:
• Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): Volume Licensing Specialist, Small and Medium Organizations
• Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): Volume Licensing Specialist, Large Organizations

If you design and sell licensing solutions to organisations of any size, this course is perfect for you.

About Firebrand Training:
Firebrand Training, formerly known as The Training Camp, has pioneered Accelerated Learning courses for busy IT professionals. The organisation’s innovative approach to training course delivery has led to its status as the Institute of IT Training’s “IT Training Company of the Year” for three years – something no other IT Training company has achieved.

Students are totally immersed in the subject matter, receiving an average of 12 hours intense tuition per day at a residential training site. Subject experts implement a range of teaching methodologies designed to fit with how we best understand and retain information during different periods in the day. Accelerated Learning is an attractive proposition for contractors, whose time commands very high premiums, and employers who need to minimise staff absence. Firebrand Training has an above average pass rate of 85% - confounding critics’ claims that Accelerated Learning fails to produce results.

About Firebrand Training:
Firebrand Training was founded by Robert Chapman and Stefano Capaldo in Summer 2001 as The Training Camp. Stefano was a former student in the US and rated the company’s approach so highly that he decided to launch a programme of courses in the UK. The organisation has since been recognised by Microsoft as a Gold Partner for Learning Solutions (MCPLS) and over 17,000 students have been trained in the UK to date. The success of the company enabled the management team to relaunch as Firebrand Training, which is focused on delivering training courses specifically designed for a European market.

Firebrand Training offers a range of courses covering all major vendors such as Microsoft (MCSE, MCP, MCSA), Cisco, Oracle, Sun, and Novell, as well as specialist certifications in the areas of security, business intelligence, project and business process management.

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