GSCE Biology Candidates Unable To Take Exams Due to Error

Published: Fri Mar 02 2012

Backwell School had not entered the affected students for the right modules, and subsequently they were unable to sit the GCSE exam they’d been studying for.
Those who’ve been inconvenienced as a result of this blunder will now have to sit their GCSE Biology exam in the summer.
While cases like this are very rare, it’s not uncommon for school pupils to either fail their GCSE exams or get lower grade passes than expected.
The teenage years can be full of distractions and for many people, it’s not until later in life they realise what career they’d like to pursue or how important qualifications are.
Listed below are some of the reasons why people turn to distance learning GCSEs years after they’ve left school.
• Frustrated by the lack of job opportunities
While there’s a lot to be said from starting at the bottom and climbing the career ladder, people first need to be given an opportunity.
Without any formal qualifications it is difficult for people to find the kind of job they want to do. For this reason many people choose to either return to college or take distance learning GCSE courses.
• They want to study at college or university
It’s common for people to lack direction when they first leave school. Once they’re a bit older they might discover what it is they’d like to do as a career. However, not having the necessary academic qualifications can be a barrier to entry to university courses.
Sitting GCSEs and A Levels via distance learning or at a local college can put them on the right track to reach their goal.
• They need a flexible approach to learning
As people get older and take on more responsibility, it’s not always easy or possible to study for things like GCSEs full time.
Distance learning is flexible so people can study around the demands of their job and lifestyle.
• They’re looking to start their careers after having a family
Some people are forced to leave school at a younger age due to having a family. Once their children are at nursery or school they may decide to sit their GCSEs again to enhance their job prospects.
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