Inside2Outside help Bournemouth Montessori Nursery Achieve the Six Early Learning Goals

From: Inside2Outside Ltd.
Published: Tue May 11 2010

The staff at Bournemouth Montessori Nursery in Bournemouth take providing their pupils with varying ways of teaching very seriously. Thanks to the installation of Inside2Outside, POCCA school canopies they now have two outdoor classrooms in which to teach their pupils.

Inside2Outside are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of canopies, shelters and walkways. Bournemouth Montessori Nursery first contacted Inside2Outside back in August 2009. Paul Chapman, the sales advisor for that area visited shortly. After providing them with a quote for the bespoke structure they required and once funding was arranged, the nursery confirmed the order in late January 2010. At the start of March both canopies were installed. Paul commented that ‘the nursery was wonderful and that they were particularly happy with the racing green frame of the canopies.

Charlotte Warren from Bournemouth Montessori Nursery said that they wanted ‘to gain two outdoor classrooms, providing all weather, all year protection.’ She said a factor in choosing Inside2Outside was because they were a recommendation, and that they had excellent service.

Outdoor classrooms are ideal for nurseries and schools wanting to provide their pupils with learning in a different environment. Charlotte went on to say that the outdoor classrooms help to ‘achieve a better outcome as laid out in the 6 Early Learning Goals.

Bournemouth Montessori Nursery was delighted with the installed canopy. Charlotte further added ‘the outdoor environment will provide the children with further opportunities to extend the use of their motor skills, giving them a safe and stimulating physical environment.

How a Pocca EYFS School Canopy helped to meet the 6 Early Learning Goals

1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development: The outdoor environment will support the children to feel positive about themselves and other.

2. Communication, Language and Literacy: The outdoor environment encourages the children to communicate through many outdoor activities.

3. Knowledge and Understanding of this World: Children develop and learn about sustainability through activities outdoors.

4. Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy: Mathematics materials will be brought outside into the outdoor classroom.

5. Physical Development: Children will learn the benefits of exercise and healthy living.

6. Creative Development: Creative development will be fully promoted through the outdoor classroom with a wide provision of creative activities.

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