Integrating SAP Success Factors with SAP HCM

From: Vintage IT Solutions
Published: Fri Nov 17 2017

With cloud solutions like SAP Success Factors, it is common for organizations to provide approval to their HR team to implement a new solution with support from IT. With user acceptance often cited as the biggest challenge to overcome many would argue that the work required to get an HR solution up and running is the largest hurdle. SAP offers many pre-built standard integrations between SAP HCM on-premise and Success Factors

While it is clearly an asset for HR to be at the lead of an implementation, we fully encourage you to begin the IT team into the project so that you’re qualified from a technical and integration perspective. IT can add value by giving the professional background of your existing SAP HCM investment, finally increasing your return on investment. The following are tips that we suggest to all of our clients who are using a hybrid SAP HCM and SAP Success Factors model.

The integration add-on enables integration of the following types of data: Recruiting data, employee data, organizational data, compensation data, data required for evaluation purposes, and qualification data. For industry use, the add-on carries the following integration summaries:

• Recruiting data

Information about positions to be staffed from the SAP ERP system to Success Factors so that corresponding job requisitions can be created or changed there.

If data on the candidates already exists in SAP HCM, it is possible that the employee is reentering the company or is part of an organizational reassignment. You can transfer applications from Success Factors to SAP HCM to hire the candidates as new employees.

• Employee data

Employee data and organizational data from SAP HCM to Success Factors to support Talent Management processes there.

Also, transfer data to Success Factors for employees whose hiring date is in the future to support their integration into the enterprise.

• Compensation data

You can transfer compensation data from SAP HCM to Success Factors to support compensation planning processes there.

When you have completed compensation planning in Success Factors, you can return the planned compensation data to SAP HCM so that this data can be included in payroll.

• Evaluation data

You can transfer data required for evaluations from SAP HCM to Success Factors workforce analytics to support workforce planning and workforce analytics.

• Qualification data

This is a one-time activity, and when this activity is complete, it is considered that Success Factors becomes the system of record for the transferred data. Transfer qualification data (catalog and also history for employees) from SAP HCM to Success Factors.

Changes to data in Success Factors and the learning management system are then replicated back to SAP ERP qualifications on a recurring basis. The data in SAP HCM is considered read-only.


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