Considering the overwhelming response to the First International Short Story Contest, Kids World Fun has announced the next International Short Story Contest for School Children, 2018. All the sprouting talents from school can make use of this very rare second opportunity for a wonderful exposure. Exciting prizes, certification as well as publication opportunities await for the deserving entries. Stick on to the guidelines, and send your entries before 15th September 2018.

[UKPRwire, Tue Aug 07 2018] Kids World Fun has announced the Second International Short Story Contest, 2018 for School Children all over the world. The entries are absolutely free, and all the interested budding talents get a global exposure. The winning entries are awarded an amazing prize money along with the certificates. The closing date for the entries is 15th-Sep-2018. The entries will be evaluated under Sub-Junior, Junior, and Senior category. Apart from the winning entries, all the highly commended, as well as the outstanding short stories will be published on This is a golden chance to those who have missed the first opportunity. Unleash the creativity to organize your colorful thoughts into a wonderful short story with a great message!

The prizes are mentioned as below for all the categories.
First prize $75, certificate, and publication on the website.
Second prize-$50, certificate, and publication on the website.
Third prize-$25, certificate, and publication on the website.

Please go through some of the important rules while preparing your short stories for The International Short Story Competition.
* Students from all over the world can participate in the competition.
* The stories have to be written only in English.
* The deadline for the entries is 15th-Sep-2018
* The theme of the story is absolutely the author's choice.
* Only a single entry is allowed per person
* No other significant attachments like a photograph, or graphics are not permitted.
* The minimum word count for each category is as follows
a. Sub-junior 300 words
b. Junior 500 words
c. Senior- 700 words
* Age proof, scanned copy or a photo of your birth certificate/identity card/certificate from school/health record/school record should be a mandatory attachment to the entry.
* The story along with the age proof has to be sent to
* The entries without the age proof will be automatically disqualified.
* The following details have to be mentioned below your story:
a. Name
b. Age
c. Category entered
d. Title of your story
e. Word count (including the title)
f. Email address, parent's/teacher's email address can be used here if necessary) .
g. Phone number (optional)
h. School name
i. Country
* Type the story using Microsoft Word.
* Use Times New Roman or Arial 12 point regular font. Italics or bold can be used for effect, but not frequently.
* Stories will be judged purely on the basis of content, language, and style of writing.
* Judges decision will be final.

Any of the queries regarding the competition can be sent to Please visit to view the details of the International Short Story Competition, 2018, #2. Remember to be honest with your stories with a unique content, idea, and presentation. All the best!

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