LPU Engineering Students won Rs One Lakh Prize in ITC Info-Tech Contest at Bangalore

Published: Wed Jul 29 2015

A Team of two B.Tech CSE seventh semester students, Nitika Rajput and Tanmay Baranwal of Lovely Professional University has won first runner-up Prize in ITC Info-Tech contest ‘I-Tech 2015’ held in Bangalore. LPU Students’ Smart Agriculture category Project "Smart Security and Monitoring System for Agricultural Use (S2 MSA)" won applauds from all the selectors. This cost effective project is to help remotely sitting farmers to protect their crops from rodents/insects and other hidden losses. CEO & MD, ITC Info-tech, Ms Sushma Rajagopalan handed over Rs One Lakh cheque to the winning students. LPU Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal motivated the brilliant students to keep up the challenging spirit to reach global heights.

Explaining about the project, team leader Nitika, who is also Google Developers’ Group Head at LPU, informed: "Our Smart Agriculture project can enable farmers and agriculturists to monitor and secure their fields and grain stores from rodents, moles and other insects. It consists of sensors to detect harmful animals and to measure their distance from the crops to further activate the repellent based on specific vibrations. In case of mass attack, this easy to implement project notifies the farm-owners through live images and videos with usage of web-cameras. This all will help agriculturists to protect both quantity and quality loss of their agricultural produce."

Leading global IT services & solutions’ company ‘ITC Info-Tech’ has launched ‘iTech 2015’ as an annual technology conference platform to foster technology innovation. As part of the iTech 2015 final round platform, 2-day ‘IoT’ Hackathon event was organized for continuous 30 hours at company’s campus in Bangalore. Thousands of professionals & developers from top companies and only a few students were selected to present their prototype solutions to business users.
The other winner student Tanmay further shared: "When we heard about the contest launched by India’s most admired company by Fortune India, we got determined to utilize all our skills learnt at LPU to win the contest. Our teachers also motivated us under special guidance and we went on winning different rounds of the contest before the final win. We are extremely thankful to the LPU study-environ where we have developed great confidence to accept any sort of challenge in life. This win is ample proof in this regard."
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