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Firebrand Training witnesses influx in demand for legacy Microsoft MCSE and MCSA certifications as businesses learn to cope with changing IT landscape.

[UKPRwire, Fri Mar 20 2009] Firebrand Training witnesses influx in demand for legacy Microsoft MCSE and MCSA certifications as businesses learn to cope with changing IT landscape ~

Firebrand Training has seen a 65 per cent increase in demand for Windows Server courses as businesses retrain key IT staff. The spike for IT qualifications suggests that organisations are recognising the need to freshen-up IT (MCSE, MCSA, MCP) skills as a way of withstanding the financial difficulties anticipated in 2009.

With the deluge of new technologies, acronyms and buzzwords such as SOA, SaaS, VDI and cloud computing, it is easy to lose track of the ever-changing IT landscape. Businesses can easily become overwhelmed by the bombardment of developments in the IT market. Board level members often don’t understand the relevance of such tools to their own company and specific business objectives. This is particularly confusing as sales teams claim their product or service is the next big thing in IT.

MCSE, MCSA and MCP are still amongst the courses most in demand, staff taking part in such courses will be taught important and critical Windows Server 2003 administration practices in today’s market.

The European Accelerated Learning pioneer suggests that companies will look to assess which IT projects are really necessary in 2009. “This will lead to the IT departments polishing off their IT skills and refreshing what are seen as the core requirements of IT for business,” said Robert Chapman, CEO at Firebrand Training.

“Once businesses have brushed aside the hype and buzz behind some newer IT tools, they will be able to go back to basics and clearly see what is necessary moving forward, which is especially important in uncertain economic times. It is only once this analysis has taken place, that investments can be efficiently allocated to necessary and worthwhile IT projects,” added Chapman.

About Firebrand Training (
Firebrand Training is challenging the way in which professional training is delivered.

Firebrand Training, formally known as The Training Camp, has pioneered Accelerated Learning courses for busy IT professionals. The organisation’s innovative approach to course delivery has led to its status as the Institute of IT Training’s “IT Training Company of the Year” for the past two years.

Students are totally immersed in the subject matter, receiving an average of 12 hours intense tuition per day at a residential training site. Subject experts implement a range of teaching methodologies designed to fit with how we best understand and retain information during different periods in the day. Accelerated Learning is an attractive proposition for contractors, whose time commands very high premiums, and employers who need to minimise staff absence. Firebrand Training has an above average pass rate of 85% - confounding critics’ claims that Accelerated Learning fails to produce results.

Firebrand Training was founded by Robert Chapman and Stefano Capaldo in Summer 2001 as The Training Camp. Stefano was a former student in the US and rated the company’s approach so highly that he decided to launch a programme of courses in the UK. The organisation has since been recognised by Microsoft as a Gold Partner for Learning Solutions (MCPLS) and over 17,000 students have been trained in the UK to date. The success of the company enabled the management team to relaunch as Firebrand Training, which is focused on delivering training courses specifically designed for a European market.

Firebrand Training offers a range of courses covering all major vendors such as Microsoft (MCSE, MCSA, MCP), Cisco, Oracle, Sun, and Novell, as well as specialist certifications in the areas of security, business intelligence, project and business process management.

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