New book helps students to pass exams

From: Kaplan Publishing
Published: Tue Jun 08 2010

Proven tips and techniques that will give students of all ages and levels a better chance of passing their exams are now available in a new book.

Called The E Word: Kaplanís guide to passing exams, the book introduces a new exam-focussed approach: rather than using questions and answers to test your understanding, it starts Ďwith the end in mindí and shows how to use the syllabus and past exam questions to understand and learn the subject in the first place.

Aimed at anyone studying for GCSEs, A levels, a degree or a professional qualification, The E-Word also shows how to revise more effectively; how to improve your motivation and mental attitude and how to overcome exam stress. It describes the impact of exams and what examiners are looking for, and it contains revealing interviews with a student, teacher, examiner and mother of two children who are taking exams.

Author Stuart Pedley-Smith, who has been an award-winning tutor of accountancy and business studies for more than 15 years, said: "Rightly or wrongly, people will judge you based on your performance in exams. Everyone has it in them to pass, you just need the right mental attitude, knowledge of how the exam system works and techniques that will improve your performance."

The book includes memory techniques and practical tips such as understand how you learn; get into the right state; focus your study to spend your time more constructively; use mind maps and concept maps; manage your time in the exam and make your paper easy to mark.

A study route at the beginning of the book enables readers to choose their own pathway through the content, rather than reading it sequentially. Additional online content is available exclusively to anyone who buys the book, including full audio versions of the interviews and a link to the authorís blog.

Michael Smith, Head of Learning Solutions at Kaplan Publishing, the specialist provider of exam study material and business books that has published The E Word, said: "This is a practical, engaging and easy-to-read book that will give any student the clarity, direction and confidence they need to pass their exams. It has a universal appeal, not only to students but also to the parents of those who are taking exams."

Priced £10, The E Word can be purchased online from Kaplan Publishing or Amazon. It is also available in leading bookshops.

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