Numerous opportunities for makeup artists in India told by BHI Makeup Academy

Published: Mon Jul 17 2017

BHI Makeup Academy – A Mumbai based institute is offering makeup and hairstyling courses. Makeup artistry has turned from an unconventional career to a job-oriented career in last decade. With the growth of media, fashion, beauty, and entertainment industry in India, the demand of makeup artist has reached to the sky. The employment gap is rising and skilled artists are in high demand. Reaching the professional level in this occupation is not easy. Out of the box creativity and hard work is needed in this line of work. There are many professional makeup courses in Mumbai for students who are willing to follow this career path. Training provides the skills needed to work in the ever-changing industry. Training gives accreditation to students as there are many jobs which ask for credibility before hiring them for jobs. Training provides an edge to students over their competitors and helps them in landing high paying jobs across beauty industry. It is the right time for someone who wants to make a career in the beauty industry.

"Makeup as a career is an excellent choice. Training helps students to achieve dreams of becoming a makeup artist. After training, students got placed in film, television, theatre, cosmetics firms, salons and in many other domains. The level of expertise determines the position and the type of work student will get in the future. Television and film industry employs the most skilled makeup artists. Our makeup Institute in Mumbai covers all the industry relevant skills in the curriculum. Advanced techniques like prosthetics and airbrushing are used in various places. Students are practically taught these techniques. Giving right training of most sophisticated skills help students in the future events of their illustrious career. Apart from skills, students are assisted at the time of making a world-class portfolio. Most of the clients judge the work of an artist through the portfolio. We provide professional models and photographers and ample chances to students to present their best in the portfolio." – Says Vivek Bharti, mentor at BHI Makeup Academy. He said all these things while addressing a press conference recently.

He further added, "International exposure is important in this field. Most of the new makeup trends start in western nations and students need to understand and adapt those as soon as possible. Many beauty magazines and YouTube vloggers are a great source to remain up to date. Our training centre is considered among the best makeup Institute in Mumbai because famous makeup artists from the world are welcomed in our institute as guest lecturers. Students learn numerous new techniques and industry insights from these famous artists. Apart from latest skills, students are taught different techniques to market their abilities in front of various clients. They are trained with effective communicational and soft skills needed in the work environment. Training doesn’t just prepare students to be a skilled person, but they overall develop the student to become a skilled professional."

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