Omniplex partners with Yukon Learning to introduce Cameo to Europe

Omniplex, a leading provider of e-learning solutions, has announced a partnership with the US-based training specialists, Yukon Learning. As part of this wide-ranging relationship, Omniplex is making Yukon Learning’s breakthrough solution for learning reinforcement and retention – Cameo – available in Europe.

[UKPRwire, Thu Dec 10 2009] “Cameo is an outstanding product, benefiting from the deep insight into what makes training effective that Yukon has gained through delivering training across North America," said Matthew Lloyd, managing director of Omniplex.

"Too often, what goes on in the classroom stays in the classroom – but Cameo overcomes this drawback,” he added. “Cameo not only offers an innovative solution to ensure that learning interventions are effective but also provides invaluable management information to ensure that any shortfalls in retention can be addressed.”

"There is nothing like Cameo in the marketplace today," said Yukon’s President and CEO, Chris Ayers.

"We've spent the past 20 years helping companies around the world, working with their people to build knowledge and develop their skills. But all too often, that initial momentum that is built during training fades over time and, along with it, the results these companies are expecting.

“We built Cameo to help companies sustain the momentum they build during training and reinforce the key learning points from the training they offer.

“We chose to partner with Omniplex because it has built up an impressive reputation for supplying a comprehensive range of e-learning solutions based on 'best-of-breed' products and services from the world's leading learning technology providers,” Ayers continued. “We’re delighted that Cameo has taken its rightful place among these best-of-breed solutions from these knowledge sharing experts.”

Omniplex will be marketing and supporting Cameo in the UK, Continental Europe and North America.

“Initial customer feedback has been outstanding,” said Omniplex’s Lloyd. “This innovative solution addresses a well-understood need of learning and development practitioners, and provides a ‘value-add’ for training providers to offer their clients.”

One existing Cameo user commented: “Yukon has delivered yet another innovative solution that is right on the mark with Cameo. This software will evolve our Managed Markets University from a training event into a continuous learning opportunity.”

Another Cameo user said: “All of our teams that have used the Cameo system have been highly successful in reinforcing key learning points from live training. It’s a great tool that is long overdue in all training departments.”


About Cameo
Cameo is a web-based tool that delivers scenario-based learning reinforcement via email.
Cameo focuses on the forgotten phase of learning: follow-up. Research shows that what happens after training is often more important than what happens during training. With Cameo, you can continually reinforce the key learning points from any training event - and it only takes your learners a minute each week.

The challenge with knowledge centres, learning portals and other performance support tools is that they are only effective when the learner decides to use them. It's the age-old question, ‘If you build it, will they come?’ Cameo differs from many other learning reinforcement tools because it uses a ‘push’ method of learning. With Cameo, the reinforcement is delivered to the learner’s doorstep. Learners don’t have to log in to another system and search for the learning: the learning is in their Inbox.

About Omniplex

Omniplex is a leading provider of e-learning authoring, delivery, tracking and reinforcement products and services. Based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, in the UK, Omniplex supports clients across Europe and North America.

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