Protecting Your Business with SAP GRC

From: Vintage IT Solutions
Published: Mon Dec 11 2017

In Today’s business SAP or Systems, Analysis and Processes is one of the leading systems, and as with any system, it is imperative that there are checks and measures in place to ensure the smooth operation of the system at the user end. There are three main SAP GRC areas which you should concentrate on in order to provide a seamless strategy for your business, and these are: Risk Management, Access Control, and Process Control

In order to ensure effective and productive IT procedures through SAP GRC, these three areas, along with others should be refined to meet the exact needs of your business. SAPVITS ca
n help you to do this through various means:

Risk Management - by having your businesses risks checked and identified you will be gaining maximum performance for your business and incurring minimal penalties, which often can be incurred through simply overlooking certain aspects of your procedures. We can assist with risk management by thoroughly inspecting all of your processes and highlighting any areas which could present a risk to your business. This can be a highly useful assessment which can present risks that may not have even been considered previously. Once these risks are pinpointed we can work with you and your business to provide you with a cost effective solution to any problem that may present itself.

Access Control - this is one area that many businesses unwittingly overlook, believing that the security systems in place for their IT procedures are sufficient and do not pose a threat or risk to the security of their records and databases. By using SAP GRC holes in these security systems can be exposed and once again, solutions can be found to tighten security for your business. Often the security procedures that are in place for a business are not being fully complied with and it is not the security measures that present the risk, but the users. Access control is one area that should not be taken lightly as fraud is on the increase and the use of SAP GRC can cut down on this activity and prevent your customers and yourself from being victims.

Process Control - any of the processes in your business could be the weak link in the chain of operations and it is crucial that SAP GRC is used to create the perfect process control. We can help you to make process control come under central control and therefore be much more accessible and accountable when changes need to be made.

By using SAP GRC for your business you can ensure that all systems and processes are fine tuned to prevent access problems, fraud and other security risks that may present themselves as well as maintaining a system that runs smoothly and is tailor made for that individual business.


SAPVITS brings to you its knowledge and expertise of over 9 years in SAP Online Training and SAP consultancy. Our SAP Online Training Course content is designed with certified and experienced SAP consultants.

As the trusted online learning partner, we focus on providing Online SAP Training that are in line with today’s business scenario. SAPVITS provides SAP Online Training with 24/7 server access facility for all SAP modules.

SAP GRC Training at SAPVITS covers Access Risk, Emergency Access Management, Access Request Management, Role of Business Management and Migration from GRC 5.3 to GRC 10.0. SAP GRC Module also provides a detailed streamline focusing on Access Control, Process Control, Risk Management and Global Trade Services to benefit your business.

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