Reality Premedia releases Spiders eGuide App for iOS and Android devices!

From: Reality Premedia Services Pvt. Ltd.
Published: Thu May 21 2015

The Spiders eGuide app showcases 130+ Amazing spider photographs with information about each species. The app allows the users to find spiders by species, and type. Share favorites with friends via email on different social media groups.

Spiders are looked upon with fear. There is a common belief is that all spiders are poisonous to man. The facts are that except for a few, most spiders are harmless to man. In fact, they are beneficial to man as they feed on insects. Though all spiders have venom glands which are used to kill or subdue prey, their bite may only cause transient pain to humans.
There are believed to be at least 40,000 species of Spiders in the world. They are 7th in the world when it comes to diversity among their populations. The strongest material in the world is considered the silk that Spiders create.

Spiders eGuide developed by Reality Premedia Services will provide an insight into these much maligned creatures through beautiful and some rare photographs. Information is provided with every photo giving details about the family, habitat and web. There is no shortage of other wonderful facts about them that get them noticed.

This eGuide allows you to search for spiders by family name, common name, and scientific names to get more information on each. The eGuide would let you share all the amazing facts / photos about their species and share on your social networking groups. You can also select and save your favorite photos on your devices. There is an "about spiders" section to help you identify the various parts of a spider, jaws and fangs, spiderís skin, blood, spiderís reproduction system, how they guard their eggs in their egg sacs. You will also get to know how the spider web is built. The eGuide will get your facts right about many of these questions:

What do Spiders look like?
Where do they live?
What kind of habitat do they need?
How do they reproduce?
How do they behave?
What do they eat?

The Spiders eGuide app is available now made available at the Apple iTunes store. It works on both iPad and iOS platforms and has been tested with the latest devices and iOS. You can see snapshots of the app and purchase by clicking on the link below to read on to discover true facts about spiders and increase your knowledge!

Reality has been providing multimedia apps on wildlife and Indian heritage destinations for the last three years. Reality Premedia has built very useful frameworks for publishing apps which work both on iOS and Android Devices.

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