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CNP sports hydration/energy products can help students make it through their studies.

[UKPRwire, Tue Jul 14 2009] Sports nutrition products can provide an inexpensive and healthy way for students to fill the gap when hunger strikes without resorting to quick fixes from cheap junk food, sweets and chocolate bars. For many students the start of university life will be the first time they have lived away from home and nutrition is usually pretty low on their list of priorities. But getting through three years at university is a long haul, and if students don't look after themselves properly they might not make it.

"Alertness, energy and stamina are all qualities needed by today's students," says Kerry Kayes, founder of CNP Professional. "But unfortunately their diets may not provide enough essential nutrients to keep them going through the tough times and that's where nutritional supplements come to the rescue."

CNP, a specialist in sports nutrition products and an expert in helping athletes go the distance, recommends students try Pro Flapjack bars as a healthy, high-energy boost when they start flagging. These tasty bars contain quality fast and slow release proteins and complex carbohydrates for a long-lasting release of energy rather than the short-lived sugar rush from conventional chocolate or cereal bars. Pro Flapjack bars are available in chocolate, cherry and almond or chocolate orange flavours and are individually wrapped for convenience.

It has long been recognised that being properly hydrated has a direct effect on performance and students are advised to make sure they drink enough especially during exam times. CNP's Pro Hydrate, a hypotonic drink formulated to provide hydration and energy, can really help students stay alert and focused during studying. It also gives a welcome boost after a late night. Pro Hydrate is available in two flavours, berry and orange, and is supplied in powdered form. Simply add two scoops to 500ml of water and shake.

"Of course we're not saying that by using Pro Hydrate and munching through Pro Flapjack you are guaranteed to get a first," says Kerry Kayes. "But, in common with sports people, students need to keep their bodies healthy to get the best results. While there are no shortcuts, there is also no escaping the fact that university life demands that you do the necessary work, get a good night's sleep before exams, eat properly and keep hydrated - that's where Pro Flapjack and Pro Hydrate can help."

Both Pro Flapjack and Pro Hydrate are available from CNP's website Pro Flapjack is 21.83 for a box of 24 and Pro Hydrate 7.99 for a tub containing 12 servings.

CNP Professional is one of the UK's leading sports nutrition specialist companies. For more information visit, or call +44 (0) 161 320 1212 for sports nutrition advice and +44 (0) 161 320 8145 for sales.

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