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From: TEFL Scotland
Published: Mon Apr 12 2010

The economic crisis left the UK with the highest rate of unemployment in twelve years and with cuts made to university budgets itís now more difficult than ever to get a place at a university. Maybe youíre hoping to re-apply for university next year and have a year to kill? Or maybe youíve got your degree but want to get away and see some of the world before you look for a career? Or, for whatever reason, you just really want to escape for a year?

You have a desire to travel but travelling doesnít tend to be cheap. What to do? Well, how about getting paid to work abroad teaching something that already comes naturally to you? Teaching English is an amazing way of experiencing a country Ė the fact that you get paid for it makes it all the better!

Before jumping on that plane, have a bit of a think. You speak English but do you know how to teach it? While it is possible to find teaching work in some countries without a teaching qualification, you donít want to find yourself standing in front of a class of thirty eleven-year-olds and suddenly realise that, actually, you donít know how on earth youíre going to teach these kids English.

What you need, first of all, is to do a bit of preparation and learning yourself.

With TEFL Scotland you can get the teaching qualification you need to start teaching around the world in just a single weekend. The 20-hour weekend course is held throughout Scotland from Stornoway to Dumfries and is all you need to get you started on an amazing gap year.

The cost of the course is £195 but wait, thereís more! Not only will you gain a certificate that will open up many more job opportunities but TEFL Scotland will even help you find a job! TEFL Scotland has contacts across the globe in Thailand, South Korea, Czech Republic, China, Greece, Spain and more and can help you find a job that is right for you. Importantly, you will receive plenty of support from people who have actually done it so you can be sure that you are being given advice from people who know what theyíre talking about!

Maybe youíll enjoy teaching so much that you decide to extend your stay but for those who intend their gap year to really be a gap year, youíll probably be returning home and on the job hunt. A year teaching abroad will have left you with a great CV so not only have you spent a year doing something unforgettable but youíre now more employable!

For more information go to http://www.teflscotland.co.uk

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