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i-to-i has been working with locally run volunteer projects throughout Kenya and the world for years and has the knowledge and experience to find the perfect program for any type of traveler.

[UKPRwire, Tue Oct 28 2008] Kenya has slowly become a place of intrigue for independent travelers throughout the world, but as people continue to enjoy Kenya’s beauties, they are also faced with the poverty that coincides.

i-to-i is looking to broaden Kenya’s appeal by giving service-minded individuals the opportunity to participate in volunteer vacations. In contrast to simply traveling, volunteering let’s travelers dig deep into the diverse cultures that exist in Kenya and immerse themselves in a different way of life.

i-to-i has been working with locally run volunteer projects throughout Kenya and the world for years and has the knowledge and experience to find the perfect program for any type of traveler. With over 15 projects throughout Kenya, options for volunteer vacations are abundant.

Options for a volunteer vacation in Kenya include:
Community work with AIDS orphans in Mombasa–Mombasa is the stunning, second city of Kenya that boasts a gorgeous skyline and phenomenal beaches. However, it is also home to more than 30,000 street children who have been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic. Volunteers spend their days at orphanages throughout Mombasa, providing love and attention to children in need of positive social interaction. They also act as additional hands when meals need to be served or activities need to be organized.

The volunteer vacation in Kenya: ‘Community work with AIDS orphans in Mombasa’ lasts a minimum of two weeks and costs $1290 including accommodations and two meals a day.

Building with underprivileged communities in Nakuru-Nakuru lies on the edge of Lake Nakuru National Park. Although resource rich, it remains economically poor leaving many families to fend for themselves on the streets. In this project, volunteer travelers get their hands dirty and work alongside Kenyans to build housing units and community facilities. Volunteers must be flexible as the work is largely navigated by the current and specific needs of the community.

The volunteer vacation in Kenya: ‘Building with underprivileged communities in Nakuru’ necessitates a minimum of one week and costs $1090. Volunteers are housed in a home stay with other travelers and breakfast and dinner are included.

Teaching English in Kitengela - Kitengela provides volunteers with the fascinating opportunity to observe the dichotomy between the traditional cultures of the Maasai tribe and the education-driven, modern world. i-to-i sends volunteers to teach a balance between the contrasting societies and to help educate the next generation of Maasai children. In addition to teaching, Kitengela lies on the cusp of rural Kenya and volunteers have the opportunity to witness the country’s infamous wildlife from their backdoor.

The volunteer vacation in Kenya: ‘Teaching English in Kitengela’ requires a minimum stay of four weeks and costs $1190. Accommodations and two meals a day are included.

Please visit http://www.i-to-i.com/kenya to see the wide range of volunteer vacations that i-to-i offers in Kenya or call 800-985-4852 for more information.

Since 1994, i-to-i, has been the award-winning leader in volunteer vacations, TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) training and job placement abroad. Each year, i-to-i sends approximately 5,000 volunteers to 500 projects in 35 countries and helps 15,000 people gain the certification necessary to teach English overseas. i-to-i volunteers contributed approximately one million hours of service last year.

i-to-i offers volunteer vacations in countries such as: Ecuador, Brazil, Uganda, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, Zambia, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Honduras and Vietnam.

For more information call 800-985-4864 or visit http://www.i-to-i.com , for media inquiries please contact Alexia Nestora, http://www.voluntourismgal.com
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