Tutors International seeks exemplary tutor for full-time private tutoring role in Amman, Jordan

From: Tutors International
Published: Fri Mar 05 2010

Tutors International has begun the search for an exemplary individual to fill a full-time private tutor role in Amman, Jordan. The ideal candidate will be expected to support an articulate and able eleven year old girl both at school and at home, providing after school homework support and enhancement, and in-school shadowing and extension teaching. The position will commence as soon as the ideal candidate has been recruited, and will have an initial duration of 18 months, with the possibility of long-term extensions of the contract. For more information, visit
http://www.tutors-international.net/for_tutors/advert_details.php?jobno=116 or call +44 (0) 1865 435 135.

"We're looking for a superlative tutor to fill this role," said Adam Caller, founder of Tutors International. "The ideal candidate must be able to demonstrate a specific set of qualities in order to satisfy its requirements; I see it as the ideal opportunity for an exemplary educator who is struggling to find a job in which they can excel in all areas of education and support. The tutor will be responsible for extensive support and extension teaching of an 11 year old girl who has a lovely personality and is talented in the performing arts. She needs support in the development of her confidence, particularly in the area of mathematics, in which a combination of dyscalculia and tuition in the weaker of her two spoken languages has had a negative impact."

"The ideal candidate for this tutoring role will be somebody who went to an excellent British university and studied a subject that contained a strong mathematics element," Adam continued. "In addition, the candidate would preferably have extensive experience of extra curricular activities in drama and music, so that they can understand and support this student's passions in the performing arts. The family has also specified that the tutor must be well spoken, broadly educated, well travelled and erudite with first language English, spoken with Received Pronunciation."

"This is a fantastic opportunity for the right individual, including high quality accommodation, the use of a car, a minimum of nine weeks paid vacation per annum and a salary of 60,000," Adam concluded. "Whilst the required qualities are extensive, this is typical of the tutors we recruit, as we provide the very best in full-time private tutoring to the most affluent families in the world. I would urge potential candidates to examine the details on our recruitment site very carefully before making an application, and to be aware that only the very best will be considered for this role."

About Tutors International
Tutors International is a worldwide organization providing experienced private tutors to work with children of all ages and nationalities. Tutors are available for full-time tutoring positions, for major support and tutoring outside school hours, or for home-schooling.

Tutors International provide tutors in a wide variety of situations from helping students re-take critical exams, helping pupils with the transition of moving between international school systems, and supporting youngsters with AD/HD and dyslexia. They provide a bespoke service to find the right tutor that suits the child's needs and aspirations, and if a live-in tutor is required, it is essential that the assigned tutor is the right match for the family and fits in the environment.

Tutors International was founded by Adam Caller who has tutored students of all ages. He has received specialist training in dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder and is very sensitive to children's educational difficulties. He has now turned this expertise to recruiting, training and placing other tutors to help families.
Company: Tutors International
Contact Name: Adam Caller
Contact Email: tutors-international@momentumws.co.uk
Contact Phone: +44 (0) 1865 435 135

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