US asylum ruling for German homeschooling family increases demand for homeschooling tutors

From: Tutors International
Published: Sat Mar 06 2010

Tutors International has reported a large increase in the number of enquiries for full-time homeschooling tutors from expatriated German families throughout Europe and America. The increase is believed to be caused by the ruling of an American judge who granted a German family asylum in America, due to the persecution they suffered for homeschooling their children. The parents were given extensive fines and endured the physical removal of their children from the family home on two occasions to force their attendance of the local state school. For more information, visit or call +44 (0) 1865 435 135.

"We have been following this case for some time, and we hope that the Romeike family will now be able to rebuild their life with some stability now the judgement has been made in their favour," commented Adam Caller, founder of Tutors International. "The case has also been followed by many homeschooling families across Europe who have been waiting to see if the judgement and pressure caused by this case would have any impact on the German authorities. I have spoken to one family who have consciously decided not to return to Germany after seeing that this case has made no difference to the German government's policy regarding homeschooling. Indeed, they are considering making their home in Austria or Switzerland so that they may be able to live in a German-speaking community, but continue to home school their children without prosecution."

"We've had several enquiries from affluent families in this position who now realise that their chosen lifestyle cannot be enjoyed in the country of their birth, and so they are coming to us to provide an education in line with their preferences," Adam explained. "They are fortunate to be able to choose where they live, but there are many in Germany who cannot."

Adam recently spoke out in support for a registration of homeschooling families in the UK, and was met with an unprecedented amount of correspondence as a result. "It was clear that my statement touched a raw nerve," Adam said. "I was advocating the change in policy to ensure that all homeschooled children could receive a balanced education in line with their human rights. It's interesting in light of this ruling; the Judge spoke of the basic human right to choose how to school ones own children, something with which I wholeheartedly agree. I simply believe that along with that right should be the appreciation that it's our responsibility as a society to safeguard the quality of a child's education and ensure that all of their human rights are being met."

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