XXII edition of the Istituto di Moda Burgo Fashion Show

From: istituto burgo
Published: Mon Jun 27 2011

The show will be held at 8.30 pm and will be preceded by a buffet to welcome an international audience.

The clothes paraded on the catwalk were made by the students and inspire to very bold and topical themes:

refers to an utopian vision of the world no longer invaded by plastic, but free from all those toxins that are poisoning; therefore it offers natural materials such as linen or cotton, and colors associated with our Mother Earth.

is a reminder that everything is relative and that we give our own interpretation to the world around us. The materials are so synthetic and futuristic, cuts unlikely, neutral colours.

the final battle between good and evil, and his implied question - who will win? - dominate this theme which is expressed through the precious materials with bright colors like red, to remind us of the blood and fire.
The black connotes the negative, then the evil, while gold transports us to places beyond this world.
This battle is universal in that it combines all the cultures of the planet.
Many scientists and philosophers speak of the end of the world as a natural disaster: Is that really what Armageddon's supposed to be like???

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