From: Your Baby Can (UK) Ltd
Published: Mon Nov 01 2010

The groundbreaking Your Baby Can Read! infant reading programme has fans around the world thanks to its innovative, enjoyable and scientifically-based approach to early literacy skills. Now the Deluxe Kit of this remarkable system, which has been used by hundreds of thousands of babies worldwide, has received coveted endorsements as one of the best childrenís products of the year from Practical Pre-School and Toy Talk.

The Practical Pre-School Awards exist to identify and reward excellence in the fields of education equipment, childcare and books and toys suitable for early years and key stage 1 children. The recognition of Your Baby Can Read! affirms the exceptional entertainment and educational benefits of this unique system.

The Toy Talk Awards 2010 recognises the UK's best new toys, helping consumers to make smart choices in the run-up to Christmas and beyond. Your Baby Can Read! received "Highly Commended" in the educational toys category.

The Your Baby Can Read! infant reading programme is already providing parents around the world with an exciting new way to interact with their babies, while at the same time changing the field of childhood literacy, as teachers, parents and reading experts see the incredible success of the programme. Parents increasingly want to expose their children to reading skills early, and "Your Baby Can Read!" gives them a natural, interactive, multi-disciplinary way to introduce them through guided play between parent and baby.

Developed by Dr. Robert C. Titzer, a recognized infant researcher and early learning expert, the Your Baby Can Read! programme is based on leading research showing that childrenís brains are best able to learn language skills in the first years of life. Introducing basic reading during this critical period makes the whole process of learning to read faster, easier, more exciting and interesting for the child. "The earlier a child is taught to read, the better they will read and the more likely they will enjoy it," Dr. Titzer says. "I believe this is the key to success throughout their lives."

The fundamental importance of a babyís brain development was highlighted in a recent report from the Centre on the Developing Child at Harvard University and its distinguished panel of doctors, child psychologists, sociologists, neuroscientists and other child development experts. "Early experiences determine whether a childís developing brain architecture provides a strong or weak foundation for all future learning, behaviour, and health," the report said. In particular, the authors stressed that more brain connections for language and higher cognitive function are formed during infancy than any other time in a personís life. What makes these connections robust, the report explains, is interaction with supportive adults to stimulate those brain circuits.

The core tenets of the Your Baby Can Read! infant reading programme promote exactly this kind of stimulation, but with the kind of engaging and fun interaction that babies truly enjoy and benefit from. "We are thrilled that Practical Pre-School and Toy Talk recognised the achievements of our programme by naming the Deluxe Edition one of the best toys of the year," Dr. Titzer said.

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