5 Steps to Becoming an Actor/Actress

From: Models Direct
Published: Mon Feb 22 2010

While thousands dream of becoming the next big Hollywood actor or actress, the harsh reality is that it is extremely unlikely to get that fortunate big break. Sociologists claim that we have all been actors and actresses during our early years, putting on the waterworks as a young child in a toy store, for example. Nevertheless, there is a significantly long and arduous path towards reaching stardom as a professional actor or actress.

There is no specific timescale to reach your goal and become an actor or actress. Fame and fortune can occur overnight if you are in the right place at the right time, but on the other hand it can also be a lengthy but rewarding process.

Acting is stereotypically a very tough, unforgiving business. Before making any efforts to formulate a potential acting career it is important that you consider the physical and mental effects that the entertainment business invariably throws up.

1) It is important to decide whether you should learn your trade as an amateur or through professional schooling. Amateur dramatics can be an ideal place to learn your craft as a budding apprentice, with smaller audiences and less pressure. Nevertheless, it is also an option to enrol in professional schooling for performing arts – as well as costing significant fees, professional schooling is demanding and requires 100% commitment.

Many successful actors and actresses have secured their ‘big breaks’ via an alternative route – modelling. The likes of Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz have negotiated their way through modelling careers and successfully secured starring roles in films and productions. Both amateur and professional modelling can give budding actors and actresses experience at dealing with camera exposure and demanding deadlines in readiness for an acting career.

2) By studying creative subjects at school, these qualities can work perfectly in tandem with acting attributes – from English Literature to Drama, creative studies can provide a more balanced understanding of the acting industry.

3) Actors and actresses rarely pick up the best and most exciting roles without qualifications and more importantly, experience. Location has long been viewed as a barrier to obtaining the best possible roles in the industry. However, in many instances this is not the case. Although jobs and roles are available nationwide you must remain committed to travelling to find work that suits you and your ability.

4) The audition process for roles can be lengthy and frustrating. Patience is one of the first attributes required to become a successful actor or actress. With dozens and sometimes hundreds of applicants for one role it can seem like an uphill struggle to catch the eye and make the grade. Actors and actresses that can handle constructive criticism and scrutiny are more likely to develop and prove a hit.

5) So you have the résumé, the experience and the mentality to succeed as an actor or actress? The final step is to consider professional representation to provide publicity as a fully-fledged actor or actress. While thousands of actors and actresses earn auditions by representing themselves, the ones that get the ‘gigs’ are the ones that get noticed the most because of their publicists.

Finding a good agent is the final piece of the jigsaw towards making it in the acting industry. But remember, talent, hard work and a steely determination is required to meet everyday demands set by directors and writers. The journey to becoming an actor or actress can seem daunting, but no matter which path you take – amateur dramatics, modelling or professional schooling - the eventual results are hugely rewarding.

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