95% Think the Best Debater, Doesn't Necessarily Make the Best Prime Minister, AllJoinOn.com Poll Sug

From: AllJoinOn.com
Published: Mon May 03 2010

AllJoinOn.com, UK social networking for making new friends, has been conducting a number of polls during the UK General Election Campaign. The site has a good representation of people from across the UK. 1,000 members voted in its polls.

95% think the best debater, doesn’t necessarily make the best Prime Minister, so although Nick Clegg has been winning the TV debates, he might not have been winning as many votes as suggested.

However, after watching the TV debates 30% said they had changed their minds on who to vote for.

Just before the start of the campaign, 61% had already decided who they were going to vote for.

88% felt the wives of the leaders should stay out of the campaign and 78% felt a fake smile was worse than no smile!

Finally when asked if they thought Gordon Brown would still be Prime Minister after the election, it was very close, Yes 46%, No: 54%

AllJoinOn.com ( http://www.alljoinon.com ) founder Carolyn Morris, "I have been watching the result of the AllJoinOn.com polls with great interest, social networks are a quick barometer for what the nation is thinking"

Questions asked:
* AllJoinOn.com Poll: Nick Clegg won the TV Election debate. Does the best debater make the best Prime Minister? 95% No

* AllJoinOn.com Poll: Have you ever read an election manifesto? Yes: 11% No: 89%

* AllJoinOn.com Poll: If you watched the Election Debate - did it change your mind on who you would vote for? Yes: 30% No: 70%

* AllJoinOn.com Poll: A General Election has been called for 6th May, will Gordon Brown still be Prime Minister after? Yes: 46% No: 54%

* AllJoinOn.com Poll: Following the Budget, is Labour the best party to look after the Economy? Yes: 33% No: 67%

* AllJoinOn.com Poll: Have you already decided who you are going to vote for in the next General Election? Yes: 61% No: 39%

* AllJoinOn.com Poll: Should the wives of the Party Leaders stay out of the General Election Campaign? Yes: 88%

* AllJoinOn.com Poll: Should politicians not smile, rather than give a fake smile? !! 78% Yes

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